World Famous Octane Detailing Mobile Van: Ford Transit Connect

octanedetailing/ August 22, 2014/ Detailing

I put a lot of thought into trying to make everything fit into the Octane Detailing Transit Connect. I thought there would be more than enough room, but turns out things were pretty tight.

There are two water systems on board: a traditional electric pressure washer with a 25 gallon tank, and a small 2.5 gallon tank for rinseless wash with an electric pump powered by a motorcycle battery. I can easily switch the 100 ft. hose between the two.

The Honda generator provides on-board power, which can be easily disconnected and connected to a customer’s home if power is available. Also on-board is an air compressor with 50 ft retractable hose.

There’s both a steamer and an extractor, so I can tackle any interior job. And of course there’s a couple of 10×10 canopies, lights and a 10×20 containment mat should I need to catch my water, which can be pumped out and stored in buckets and/or the extractor.

Finally, you will notice Rupes and Flex polishers mounted behind the sliding door on the driver’s side along with a couple of extension chords. From here I can also access all my various hoses and towels. The shelving unit holds towels, brushes, polishing pads, sanding pads, a 3-inch polisher and all sorts of other miscellaneous items.

We will see how it all works out over time and what modifications and changes I’ll make as I live with it for a while, but I think it’s going to do the job just fine.

Oh, and in case your are wondering. The logos were designed by my friends over at Petroloco and the vehicle graphics were designed and applied by my friends over at Eyedentity Graphics.