Historic Military Bomber Gets A Refresh Thanks To Volunteer Auto Detailers

octanedetailing/ May 10, 2016/ Volunteer Projects

Octane Detailing’s Chris Woolman recently detailed a WWII B-24J bomber with a team of volunteers led by Jose Fernandez of Superior Shine.

More than 20 high-end west coast detailers gathered at Van Nuys Airport (VNY) to preserve the finish on “Witchcraft”, the World’s only airworthy B-24J.

The project is made possible with help from aerospace industry leader Ace Clearwater Enterprises in Torrance, Ca. who is covering the cost of insurance and other incidentals. Gary Johnson, the Vice President of Ace Clearwater, loves these vintage aircraft and has always been supportive of the group’s volunteer efforts.

Meguiars provided all the professional-grade products needed to do the job. Mike Stoops of Meguiars was also part of the all-volunteer team.

Auto Detailing supply super store Autogeek in Stuart Florida also supported the project with a generous donation.

“Without Ace Clearwater, Meguiars and Autogeek, we wouldn’t be able to take on this project,” says Fernandez. “We are very grateful to them”.

Owned by the Collings Foundation of Stow, MA, the B-24J known as “Witchcraft” is part of the Wings of Freedom Tour. It received a multi-million dollar restoration in 1989 in which it was painted olive green. 15 years later, it needed a full reconditioning and painting, which would have run close to $100,000. Fernandez said, “When we first worked on Witchcraft I was confident that the team of experts that came together, who offered years of expertise in color correction and surface restoration, along with products and supplies donated by Meguiars, could make a significant difference in the appearance of this plane with a solid wash, polish, and wax. We came through and were very successful.”

Because regular routine maintenance is vital in preserving the paint, this year we once again washed and waxed the aircraft. In addition, this year we also paid particular attention to the plastic windows and various items in the bomb bay as well.

The team members are all volunteers who are moved by the plane’s majesty and the role it played in protecting our country’s freedom. By maintaining this old war bird, we are not only honoring it but more importantly we are honoring the men and women of a generation that built, fixed, flew and died in them to defeat evil. We were all honored to have the privilege of getting to work on it!