Octane Detailing Helps Restore Historic World War II Aircraft

octanedetailing/ May 11, 2017/ Volunteer Projects

Octane Detailing owner Chris Woolman and 35 other professional auto detailers from around the country recently gathered at John Wayne International Airport to wash, polish and protect two World War II bombers.

For the fourth year in a row, this group of passionate professionals known as the Team Shine Detail Crew has volunteered their time and resources to make historical aircraft gleam once again. This year Team Shine restored the finish on the last flying B-24J Liberator and a B-25 Mitchell.

The planes are owned and operated by the Collings Foundation, a non-profit educational foundation devoted to supporting living history events. As part of the Wings of Freedom Tour, the Collings Foundation’s B-24J “Witchcraft”, B-25 “Tondelayo”, B-17G “Nine O Nine” and TF-51D Mustang “Toulouse Nuts” visit over 100 cities to honor the sacrifices made by out veterans and to educate the visitors about our national history and heritage.

This is the second consecutive year that Octane Detailing has participated in the preservation of these historic aircraft. Chris learned about the Team Shine and its conservation efforts through professional contacts in the industry.

After a “pre-flight” safety meeting, the dozens of volunteer detailers erected scaffolding to access the entire surface area of the plane as quickly as possible. A number of generators supplied power for over 30 Rupes polishers and the crew used wax, pads and other supplies generously donated by Meguiars.

Event sponsors included ACE Clearwater Enterprises, Meguiars, Rupes USA, and Autogeek. These wonderful sponsors provided tools, supplies, food, equipment rentals, insurance, and more. Without their generous support, this project would have never been possible.

By maintaining these old war birds, we are not only honoring them but more importantly we are honoring the men and women of the greatest generation that built, repaired, flew and died in them to defeat evil. We were all honored to have the privilege of getting to work on these beautiful aircraft!