Detailing How-to: Rinseless Wash Your Car for Amazing Results

octanedetailing/ October 11, 2017/ Blog, Car Care Tips

How would you like to save time and water while washing your car, all while getting amazing results? A good no rinse car wash system and procedure can do just that. By adopting this advanced system, you’ll use only a few gallons of water to wash the entire car, your washes will be faster, you can wash anywhere at any time including in the garage, there are no messy water runoffs, you will get superior results, and your car’s finish will be treated with the gentlest care.

The most popular way to use a Rinseless Car Wash is with the Two Bucket Method. One bucket holds your Rinseless Car Wash Solution and the other is filled with clean water.

What You Need:

Getting Started:

Make sure the Grit Guard inserts have been placed at the bottom of each bucket. This will trap any loose dirt at the bottom of the buckets. Fill the bucket with about three gallons of water. Once filled, add 1 capful per gallon of Optimum No Rinse. Most rinseless car washes are mixed at 1 ounce per 2 gallons of water. Be sure to thoroughly mix the contents of the bucket.

Washing Your Car:

When rinseless washing your car, break the car into sections and work from the top down and wash one or two panels at a time. Start with the roof, glass and horizontal panels like the hood and trunk. Then work your way to the vertical door panels and fenders saving the bumpers and lower rocker panels (below doors) for last. Finally, after the body of the car has been cleaned, move on to the wheels and tires. Factors such as vehicle size and outdoor temperature can cause your wash solution to dry faster, so take this into consideration as you determine how many panels or how large of a panel to wash at one time. You can start washing by following these steps…

  1. Gently wash one or two panels at a time using your microfiber wash mitt. Saturate the wash mitt in the bucket with the Rinseless solution. Wring out the mitt until it only lightly drips with water. Spray the panel with P&S Epic Waterless Wash. This will pre-moisten the dirt and provide extra lubrication for the wash process. Now, wash the entire panel in a zig-zag motion (not circular). Once finished washing the panel, place the mitt in the clean water rinse bucket.
  2. Dry using your drying towel and Optimum Opti-Seal or P&S Beadmaker. Mist the now washed and wet panel(s) with Opti-Seal or Beadmaker. Immediately spread the product around and dry the car with the drying towel in the same zig-zag motion (not circular). The towel will absorb the water and by using Opti-Seal or Beadmaker as a drying aid, not only will you add protection to the paint, but it is a great way to ensure there is enough lubrication while you dry to prevent any slight marring of the paint.
  3. Rise and your wash mitt and repeat. Rub the wash mitt on the Grit Guard at the bottom of the rinse bucket. Then, repeat steps 1-3 until the entire car is cleaned and protected.
  4. Clean wheels, tires, and wheel wells. After all panels of the car have been cleaned, set your wash mitt aside and use a standard microfiber towel to clean your wheels, tires, and wheel wells. It’s a good idea to use a dedicated set of inexpensive microfiber towels for this process. Dunk the towel into the bucket with the Rinseless solution, wring it out slightly, and then proceed to wash the wheel faces, wheel barrels, tires, and wheel wells. Dry the wheels with a dry microfiber towel.
  5. Finishing Touches. Don’t forget to dry and wipe clean all the door jambs, clean the windows with your favorite window cleaner and window towels, and apply dressing to the tires.

That’s it! The process should take you about an hour or so to complete and you will be providing the best care possible for your vehicle’s finish. If you have any questions about the products used or the process of Rinsless washing your car, I can be reached at or (818) 975-0028.