Octane Detailing’s Chris Woolman Earns Highly Advanced Certifications

octanedetailing/ December 11, 2017/ Blog, Detailing

Chris Woolman, owner of Octane Detailing has completed the Professional Detailing Technician Course taught by Renny and Diane Doyle of Detailing Success and earned his Detailing Business Certification. Chris gained valuable knowledge and skills in both exterior and interior vehicle detailing and earned additional certifications in Paint Correction, Headlight Restoration, and Paint Coatings.

Chris also holds dual certifications (CD SV) from the International Detailing Association (IDA). He is both Certified (CD) and Skills Validated (SV) by the IDA. Certified IDA Detailers are held to a higher quality standard and adhere to a code of ethics set forth by the IDA and leading industry professionals.

Although Chris’ detailing experience goes back nearly 20 years, a desire to provide the best service and care for his client’s vehicles drove him to take his business and skills to the most advance level. The intense and highly comprehensive Detailing Success course and certifications taught by Renny and Diane Doyle are the only ones of their kind in the detailing industry.

Renny Doyle is a world renowned Master Automotive and Aircraft Detailer and Trainer. He has become well known for his restoration and preservation of the original presidential jet Air Force One on display at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. Renny and his team have maintained the historic aircraft for 15 years earning him the title Detailer of Air Force One. He and his team known as the Detail Mafia are also the exclusive detailers for the Gordon McCall Motorworks Revival and The Quail at Monterey’s world famous Car Week every year.

The Detailing Success certifications that Chris Woolman earned takes his detailing skills to a whole new level. Chris is now certified in advance paint correction, which is the meticulous and precision-based process that revitalizes neglected, scratched and oxidized paint bringing back a brilliant shine. The process saves customers the expense of having to re-paint their vehicle. To protect that shiny like new finish, Chris is also certified in the application of advance paint coatings that can last up to 1, 2, 5 and even 7 years.

Chris was also certified in the use of European Steam Cleaning, which uses hot vapors to clean and sanitize car interiors. All interior fabrics, carpets, vinyl, leather and hard plastics surfaces can be cleaned, sanitized and protected.

Completion of Renny Doyle’s Detailing Success Certification Course means that in time, Chris can work towards qualifying to become a “made-man” in Doyle’s infamous Detail Mafia, a national group of senior level detailing leaders and mentors that work together on special community projects restoring and maintaining historic aircraft and vehicles for museums and municipalities in addition to providing humanitarian assistance for individuals, communities, and organizations in need.

For more information about Octane Detailing’s Chris Woolman and his unique and innovative ability to preserve and maintain his client’s vehicles, contact him at ((818) 975-0028 or chris@octanedetailing.com.